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sure fixed matches today, Who is KELONG KING

Wilson Raj Perumal (Kelong King) is a notorious Singaporean match-fixer and former football player. He gained notoriety for his involvement in several match-fixing scandals around the world. Perumal was involved in manipulating the outcomes of football matches by bribing players, referees, and officials to ensure specific results.

He was arrested in 2011 in Finland for fixing matches in the country’s top division, the Veikkausliiga. Perumal cooperated with authorities, providing information about the extent of fixed matches activities and the individuals involved. He served a prison sentence in Finland before being released and deported to Singapore.

Kelong Kings

Perumal has written a book called “Kelong Kings: Confessions of the World’s Most Prolific Match-Fixer,” where he details his involvement in match-fixing and exposes the corrupt practices within the football industry. The book provides insights into the world of illegal betting and fixed match manipulation.

It’s important to note that match-fixing is a serious crime and is considered a significant threat to the integrity of sports. Perumal’s actions and the actions of others involved in match-fixing have had a detrimental impact on the credibility and fairness of football competitions.

Following his release from prison, Wilson Raj Perumal has been involved in various activities aimed at combating match-fixing and promoting integrity in sports. He has cooperated with law enforcement agencies and sports organizations, providing insights and assisting in investigations.

Perumal has also worked closely with FIFA, the international governing body for football, to educate players, officials, and administrators about the dangers of match-fixing. He has shared his experiences and knowledge to raise awareness about the methods used by match-fixers and the steps that can be taken to prevent and detect such activities.

Furthermore, Perumal has been vocal about the need for stricter regulations and stronger enforcement measures to combat match-fixing. He has advocated for the involvement of governments, sports organizations, and betting companies in collaborative efforts to protect the integrity of sports and preserve fair competition.

While his past involvement in match-fixing has tainted his reputation, Wilson Raj Perumal has since sought to make amends by working towards eradicating this issue. His experiences and firsthand knowledge of match-fixing have made him a valuable resource in the ongoing battle against corruption in sports.